18 footers

This is the right way to start your day….  (Photo courtesy Australian Historical Sailing Skiff Association)

And look what was launched earlier this month:

Myra too

(This photo and the next courtesy Australian National Maritime Museum)

MYRA TOO.  Here’s a vid of her build:

Myra Too B

MYRA TOO was built in 1950-1951 by her owner and designer, Billy Barnett of Sydney.  In her first year of racing, MYRA TOO dominated the 18 footers, including winning the World’s in 1951.

At some subsequent point, she disappeared from view.  A fire in Barnett’s shop in 1971 destroyed her original half model.

Thanks to the generosity of the Australian Open Skiff Trust, a replica of MYRA TOO has now been built and launched.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Australian skiffs, from the 10-footers to the 18s.  (Proper nomenclature seems to designate them as “H10s” and “H18s,” for “Historic 10-footers” and “Historic 18-footers,” respectively.

Congratulations to all.  What do the rest of you think?  Please comment below.


P.S.  David Payne, curator at the Australian National Maritime Museum, has offered the following. Wonderful work, David — thank you!

Myra Too Sailplan


Myra Too Interior


Myra Too Lines


Myra Too Construction

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Help! Help! Wait…. Too Late

What is it?

Mint Moth

Oh no, there’s ANOTHER one:


The astute sailors among our audience will recognize these two hull shapes as belonging to (respectively) a Classic Moth Mint design (Gen. 1) and a Ventnor (Vintage class Moth).  The somewhat less astute will recognize the class by the insignia on the sail in the top picture.

(“But, Carl, you’ve written about Classic Moths in the past here, haven’t you?”

Talk about astute readers — Yes, I have, here:

“In your advanced dotage, did you FORGET that you’ve written about them previously?”

Actually, No, I remember.

“Then why, now, again?”

Well, because….  I love my grandchildren.

“What’s that got to do with it?”

Well, ever since I read John Hanson’s article about the Moth class in WB No. 37 (, and reinforced by getting to know a lot of the sailors and boats in that class at the WOOD Regattas in 2011 and 2012, I’ve been in love with the class.

In fact, to quote myself from the post in MWBotW in 2011, “I know if I had a hole in my fleet, I’d be filling it with one of these.  Some day….”  (Yes, I know it’s bad form to quote oneself.  I’m just trying to help you follow my thought process.)


Well, I bought both of these yesterday.  For a combined total less than the airplane ticket will be next year when I go to the Wooden Boat Festival in Hobart.

What I do for my grandbabies…  and for some match racing this summer on Eggemoggin Reach.  Want to join me?  Let’s all go Mothing.

And please check out the Classic Moth website and related blogs:

Thank you, George.  Thank you, John Z.  For inspiration and facilitation.

Please comment below?

Thanks, Carl


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