Ross Lillistone’s PHOENIX III

I truly like the designs from Ross Lillistone.  PHOENIX III is one such.



(Renderings, photo courtesy

She’s a a 15 ft 1-1/2 in x 4 ft 9 in x 6 in beachcruiser which carries 104 sq. ft. of sail in an un-stayed sprit-sloop rig.

Some of her features:

* Designed to be sailed, rowed, or powered by a small outboard
* Lightweight glued-lapstrake construction (clinker plywood)
* Built-in buoyancy tanks
* Pivoting centerboard and rudder
* Rig stows within length of boat for trailering.

Alternate rig:

Phoenix III

If you’re at all familiar with Ross’ study plans, building plans, and instruction manuals, you will know how complete they are.  Just bring the wood and get building.

Phoenix III Design

Free study plans for PHOENIX III are available on his website:  And full plans are Aus$155.00 or US$155 (from Duckworks).

I’d love to hear from those of you who have built some of Ross’ boats.  I’m currently lusting for FLEET.

Thanks so much, Carl

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The Birth of New Zealand

And now for something completely different:


(Rendering from Virtual Eye and Animated Research)

This is fantastic YouTube — the Kiwis’ gift to San Francisco on the occasion of the America’s Cup.  And you know how much I love New Zealand.

What do you think?

And thanks for the lead from Sailing Anarchy.

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