NZ Frostply Class





(Photos courtesy Frostply Association)

I have to confess that — until a loyal reader pointed out on the WoodenBoat Forum last week in response to my post for My Wooden Boat of the Week — I hadn’t heard of the Frostply class in New Zealand.  Nor that Sir Peter Blake used to sail them prior to graduating to the P class.

She’s a 1954 design from the noted designer, John Spencer.

I’m afraid my available research is slim.  There is an association for the class, but beyond the fact the Frostply is suitable for an adult and a teenager, or two teenagers, there is not much information available.

Surely our readers can help me out?  Please comment below.


The association’s website:

She looks like an intriguing boat.

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NZ Sunburst

If you follow My Wooden Boat of the Week at all, you know there is a special place in my heart for beginners’ boats that can be built by those beginners and their families.

As such, and new to me, is the Sunburst class in New Zealand:


(All photos credit:  New Zealand Sunburst Association)

I read in the November 2013 issue of Boating New Zealand, pp. 104-107) that 1,820 of them have been built to date.  This January, the class will be celebrating its 50th anniversary.  (Boating New Zealand is one of my favorite boating magazines.. he says as an aside…)


She’s a two-person boat, and typically attracts kids who have graduated from Optis.  Or the P-class, for that matter.  She was designed in 1963 by Jack Brooke.  As described in the article in Boating New Zealand,  ”[i]t is a simple, hard chine, plywood knockabout for sail, oars or outboard power..  [It] has evolved into one of the most successful double-handed, learn-to-sail dinghies in the country, equally suitable for a parent and child, two teens, or even two light adults.”

Here are her specs:

LOA:  3.5m

Beam:  1.47m

Sail area:  8.36m

Spinnaker:  Yes


Some members of the Forum have criticized her for being heavy.  True, she’s a 50 year-old class.

For more information and to buy plans:

Maybe in my retirement, I’ll get demented and have one of every kids’ class boats?  Wooden, of course.

So, who wants to add comments about the Sunburst?  It seems a cool boat.

Thanks, Carl

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