I Was Late Getting Back — MRS. JONES; 24′ Pete Culler Design

I knew what I was going to write about this week — a Pete Culler design for sale on Eric Dow’s lawn.

Mrs Jones 2Eric always has an interesting collection for sale.

But I was out of town — I went to Rockland (ME) to attend an incredible presentation by Christo.  What an amazing and charismatic person he is.  (More information here:  http://www.christojeanneclaude.net)

Eric doesn’t have any photos on his website, so I hurried to his shop yesterday.

Alas, he’d already sold MRS. JONES….

She’s a 24′ design mentioned in Culler’s Skiffs and Schooners book, p. 37.  ‘though I squinted and Eric had a magnifying glass, we couldn’t determine the design name.

Mrs Jones

She was built — and commissioned by — Concordia in 1972.  I’m not sure if others were also built at that time.

She’s powered by a 70hp Suzuki.

I can’t tell you much more about her.  Perhaps you know details about this class?

And for those of you with incurable boat lust, perhaps I can interest you in this freighter canoe (bottom of the rack) at Eric’s shop?  She’s a steal — at $6K….

Freighter Canoe

(Sorry, the poor photos are my doing.)

Here’s Eric’s website:  www.dowboats.com.   Call him up for more information.

Thanks so much, Carl

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Even More Significant

than WB’s 40th anniversary, is, I believe:

The 25th anniversary of Professional BoatBuilder  (www.proboat.com).

ProBoat 150

Both were launched improbably.

Both have succeeded despite all the detractors.

Yet, each word, each wisdom recorded in type, is a testament to the same principle:  sharing knowledge.

I’ve been so proud to be associated with both magazines.

And it’s all due to the great staffs over the years… the great readers…  the committed advertisers who have made PBB happen.

Of course, I was only a passive, inflamed reader when WB No. 1 came out.  With PBB, I was involved from the start.  What heady, chaotic times they were….  Editors Chris Cornell, then Paul Lazarus, and now Aaron Porter…..  This is a magazine unparalleld in its excellence, even if it has little to do with wooden boats.  It’s about boatbulding  excellence.  It’s about essentials.

So, I raise a toast to you — Aaron, Paul, Chris.  Johanna, Mary, Sarah, Barbara Jean, Judy, Shelley, Hugh, Dick.  Blythe, James, Olga, Dick.  The magazine is better than ever today.  Don’t you think so?

Next week, I’ll revert to more standard wooden boat coverage.  But please join me is honoring this beautiful, inspiring magazine?

Thanks.  And please comment below?




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