Thoughts About Vanishing One Designs….

I used to have a Wayfarer…  just an incredible boat.



(Rendering courtesy Caution Water)

But I had to sell her to afford a 28-footer, a great boat in her own right.

I’ve often thought back to that Wayfarer, and wished I could find one again.

Yes, there are some available on the used-boat market in the US.  But what if I wanted to build my own?

There used to be a US importer of kits.  To the best of my knowledge, there is no one doing that anymore.

The same with the Mirror dinghy.

You can add to this list as much as you want.

What about the 110 and the 210 from Ray Hunt?

The sad reality is that each of the classes has an official stance of “buy from our authorized builders.  We don’t make plans/kits available.”  To me, this just says, “Death to our class.”

This makes no sense.  With the proliferation of CNC shops, why not let them take on that task?  There are so many professional, ethical CNC shops., many of them willing to offer any design for which there are buyers.  And yet these classes won’t permit that?

I don’t mean to minimize the labor and investment necessary for a CNC shop to adopt a new offering.  They need to convert class (paper) drawings to be suitable for CNC production.  Even more, they would need the blessing of the class(-es) in question.  Even more, they would need to invest in marketing.

But isn’t there something we could do to keep these vibrant designs alive?  Or should we just let them die?

I’m anxious to learn your thoughts.  Please comment below.  And add your own favorite designs which you fear may be in peril, but which might be saved by such an approach.

Thanks so much, Carl




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EVA — the Daysailer 950

was just launched on 9 June.  For her type, I think she is stunning:

Eva(All photos, renderings courtesy Alessandro Comuzzi and De Cesari  Italy)

Here are her specs:

Loa = 9.50 m

B max = 2.50 m

= 1.90 m Draft

Ballast = 700 kg

= 47 m2 Sail

Shipyard: De Cesari-Cervia Italy

Designer:  Alessandro Comuzzi

Eva Sailplan

And here is part of her design brief, slightly edited:

“This new boat is tailored and has many special features.

Has the shipowner in fact very clearly expressed the need from the outset to be operated by only one person with specific mobility requirements.

The design of the boat allows the sailor to move freely without facing steps or the need to go on deck for mooring or setting the sails. This aspect characterizes the overall design of a boat That is well developed with a stretched up almost at the bow, interrupted only by the contrast of the self-tacking jib, which can be raised if necessary in two halves to allow passage (including navigation).”

And her construction?  Again, slightly edited.

“The boat [is] built of laminated mahogany and the internal structure will be made of marine plywood and epoxy resin. This provides great rigidity and lightness.”

I will follow results of her sea trials with interest.  No, she’s not for everyone, but I think it’s an interesting approach to a single-handed racer.


For more information:

What do you think?  Please comment below.

Thanks, Carl

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