You’ve Got to Love It: Phil Bolger’s DESTRIER


(Rendering courtesy Boat Design Quarterly and Phil Bolger & Friends)

I saw this design again recently, perhaps six months ago.  She’s always been one of my favorite of Phil’s designs.  For some reason, no one has built one yet.  Here are her specs:

LOA:  28′0″

LWL:  25′8″

Beam:  11′0″

Draft:  2′2″

Displ:  5,500 pounds

Power:  225 hp (Phil cautions:  “She’s better suited for less power than more.”)

She’s to be built using glued-lap construction of 1/2″ marine ply.

I love this design.  If I didn’t already have the powerboat of my dreams (24′ Whitaker), I’d be cleaning out room in my shop to loft DESTRIER.  Wait, I don’t have a shop yet…

And a note about Boat Design Quarterly.  The publication springs from the fertile mind of WoodenBoat‘s  quasi-retired senior editor, Mike O’Brien.  I’ve been a subscriber since Issue #1, and it’s always an inspiring and lively read.  Mike’s editorial in this particular issue is one of  his absolute best.  But I won’t spoil it for you.  You’ll have to buy a copy to read it.

Other designs in this issue:  Francois Vivier’s JEWELL, just a heart-breakingly beautiful design; Charles Withhholtz’s three versions of MADAM TIRZA; and the two schooners AMERICA Jr. and CAPT. JIM YOUNG, from the father and son team of William and John Atkin.

You owe it to yourself to read BDQ.  See here:

And to order plans for DESTRIER (as you should if you like the design):  Phil Bolger & Friends, PO Box 1209, Gloucester, MA 01930.

What do you think?  Thanks, Carl

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One Response to You’ve Got to Love It: Phil Bolger’s DESTRIER

  1. Tom Robb says:

    One reason that comes to mind is 11′ beam. She has to be kept in the water at least for the season because she can’t be trailered – a big problem for most of us – me anyway. We don’t all have access to moorings or boathouses. But a rather nice boat for the geographically and/or financially privileged. Those who are so privileged too often seem to want monster boats with several very large engines and at least 2 or 3 stories high, Pool, helicopter landing pad, hot tubs, etc.
    I have to dream about boats I can lift over my head and throw in the back of or on top of my pick-up truck. Perhaps a minority position.

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