FAVORITE, And More…..



(Artwork courtesy Aldo Cherini)

What can I tell you about this?  Only what the translation says:

“Travel around the world of the corvette ‘Favorite’ 1830-1832”

Surely some of our astute readers can tell the story of FAVORITE?

I don’t know how I came across this website, but the artwork is, I think, amazing.



Apparently, it’s the work of Aldo Cherini of Italy.  In this part of his website are 299 drawings of a similar nature:  historical Indonesian watercraft.  And I’m afraid I don’t know who Aldo Cherini is…

More Indonesia

To view the 299 Indonesian drawings, click here:  www.cherini.eu/etnografia/IND/index.html

To go to his main website, click here:  www.webalice.it/cherini

What can you tell me about these?

Oh, and I will be in Europe for the next two weeks, so I am leaving you sadly bereft of My Wooden Boats of the Week until I return.  Liberation:  I am not bringing my computer with me.

Thanks, Carl

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4 Responses to FAVORITE, And More…..

  1. Gil Ray says:

    I want to applaud you on your work. I myself have built and maintained websites and I fully understand the commitment. You have done a fantastic job ! Thank you so much for posting to the ‘Wooden Boat’ FaceBook page as that is where I became aware of your work. I will bookmark and reference your site many times in the future, as well I will link to it when appropriate for the sake of sharing with my sailing friends and interested acquaintances.
    Kudos, keep up the good work!
    Aloha no wau ‘ia ‘oe

  2. JMJUTZELER says:

    Amazing boats, and drawings! Nice

  3. Perry says:

    Hello Carl,

    There’s information about an Aldo Cherini on Google. I think he’s your man.





  4. Jean SIMON says:

    Amiral Pâris (1806-1893) was a french admiral, well known in France for his works about extra-european boats. Copies of his book ” Le voyage de la Corvette la Favorite, 1830-1831-1832″, with more than hundred water-colored sketches of exotic boats are presently disponible.

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