Richard Woods’ Skoota 28

Welcome to a special Wednesday edition of My Wooden Boat of the Week.  I do apologize — a family situation caused me to be out of town.  Gareth, your idea of a guest posting is a good one.  In fact, we’ve been working on precisely that — stay tuned @  (Next week, maybe.)

Old friend Richard Woods was kind enough to send me information about this new design, his Skoota 28.  As he mentioned, he’s mostly a sailing catamaran designer.  I like it.

Skoota 28

(Photos courtesy

From Richard’s website:

“Skoota won the ‘Most Interesting Boat’ prize at the 2103 Vancouver Wooden Boatshow

The Skoota 28 is a 28 ft demountable coastal cruiser for a couple. Ideal for the European canals, the PNW or the Great Loop. It will demount for transport on a flat bed lorry/truck or could even be towed by a large car but should not be considered ‘trailable’. When disassembled it does not need a ‘wide load permit’ for transport.

We launched the first Skoota in March 2013 for us to use as a coastal cruiser in British Columbia. As with my other powercat designs the Skoota 28 is designed as an economic cruiser with a cruising speed of 10-12 knots. Our Skoota is fitted with twin 20hp outboards yet still does over 16 knots flat out. Twin 60hp are the maximum recommended for speeds in the mid 20’s.”

Skoota 28B

Here are her specs:

LOA 8.5m 27ft10in
LWL 8.3m 27ft3in
BOA 4.2m 13ft9in
BWL .64m 2ft1in
Headroom 1.9m 6ft2in
Displacement empty 1.8T 4000lbs
Displacement to WL 2.3T 5060lbs
Engines: twin 20-60hp

Some good running shots in the video, here:

Basic Material List

60 sheets 6mm plywood
25 sheets 9mm plywood
450 board feet 1in x 6in timber (140m of 25mm x 150mm)
36 gal (140kgs) epoxy
5lb (2kg) wood flour or similar filler
5000 stainless steel countersunk screws 1in x 6
filler/paint as required

Some data:  “In early May we motored to Vancouver.. Getting there was a ‘windward bash” but on our return trip the wind had dropped. We motored 38 miles in 3 hrs 20 minutes, so averaged over 11 knots, and used just 5gal of fuel (over 7mpg).”

Lots of photos, videos, and comments.  Please see at:

What do you think?  Thanks, Carl

P.S.  On another note, Iain Oughtred was kind enough to send comments and photos about the last MWBotW (concerning the Catalina) — top of the column on the right-hand side of this page.  I’ll post there in a few moments.


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  1. Peter Fynn says:

    Spent some time with Richard and Lilian on board at Port Townsend today (Sep 6th). I love this boat. It makes a LOT of sense and is well thought out.

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