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from John Brooks:


(Renderings, photo courtesy

John just sent me news of this yesterday.  I’m certainly very familiar with his work;  DragonFlyer has some new wrinkles.

From their website:

LOA: 3.2 m (10 1/2′)
beam: 4’6″
sail areas:
main alone: 44 sq. ft.; main and jib: 59 sq. ft.; asymmetrical: 35 sq. ft.

“DragonFlyer 3.2 is designed to be a great boat for all ages to build . . . then to learn to sail (if that’s where you’re starting) and sail (and race, if that’s what’s most fun), with two different mast and bowsprit positions and three different rig options (main, main & jib, with asymmetrical). Moving the mast and/or bowsprit are simple operations, so re-rigging the boat for different sailors or conditions takes a little bit of doing but is reasonably quick and easy.”


Here’s what makes her different in construction from previous Brooks’ boats:

“The DragonFlyer is a different kind of kit, too. It isn’t a stitch and glue boat that doesn’t have a building jig so it can end up twisted out of shape. And it isn’t a kit with a building jig that you have to throw away when the hull is done. Instead, the DragonFlyer kit has an interlocking framework of plywood bulkheads and stringers that go together quickly and accurately with a series of slots and tabs. This keeps the boat straight and accurate and gives a sturdy form to bend the planks over, and when you get done installing the decks and sole, you have a very strong boat with many flotation chambers so it is easy to self rescue if she swamps or capsizes.

Of course it is glued lapstrake! But with a twist. There are no laps to bevel.”

I don’t have any further information on the components of DragonFlyer’s kits.  You can go to their website (, and/or talk to them at the Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors show this weekend (Friday-Sunday).

What do you think of this design?

Thanks, Carl



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  1. iain oughtred says:

    Very good. I want to be 15 again and get started with one of these! (Curious about the gunter rig in this size however; do the battens fold up and roll up with the yard?)

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