60 Boats For 60 Families. In One Day. The Vripack 2:3.

I’m not sure this boat has a design name yet.


(Photos courtesy Vripack)

Our friends Vripack in Friesland, the Netherlands, came up with this boat design, working with technical students from the Bogerman.  Which must be some school of which I am unaware.

On June 22nd — three days ago — they (Vripack) convened quite an event:  60 families built 60 of these boats in one day, in Offingavier, NL.

It doesn’t appear the design has a name, so I will call it the Vripack 2:3.   The boat is slightly over two meters in length, perfect for one adult or two children.

Vripack2(Finishing touches)

The name of the event was “Vripack Botenbouwag” which means “Vripack Boatbuilding Day.”  More than 300 people participated.

So far, I haven’t been able to determine if plans are available for the likes of us to use to build in similar events.  This design seems ideally suited to introduce boat building and boating to kids.  You’re not going to row across the North Sea, but that’s not really the point, is it?


And who can forget this?:

So… let’s all do some boating with our kids this summer (or this winter, if one is Antipodean).


I will post further details here on the Vripack 2:3 as I receive them.

What do you think?  www.botenbouwdag.nl.

Thanks, Carl

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  1. “Organizing the boat building day is a great and educational challenge for the Technasium students. The organization of this event creates a beautiful bridge between education and the labor market. Through the cooperation with Vripack we created an ideal platform on which not only Technasium but also many other facets of Bogerman that can be brought to attention, ” says Jan Gerben de Vries, teacher of Technasium and coordinator of this project.

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