Optimaster 310 — For You?


(Photo, rendering courtesy Eduardo Marcondes)

What is it?

It is the fruits of a father’s desire to have as much fun in a boat as his daughter was having in an Opti.  So, the Optimaster is a solo sailboat for adults (even though two adults may sail, as shown above).


And what are the specs, you ask?

LOA: 10.2′ (3.1m)
Beam: 4.6′ (1.4m)
Weight: 154.3 lb (70 kg)
Sail area: 118.3 sq ft (11m2)

How did you find out about it, you ask?

That’s easy:  It’s from the brand-new online feature in ProBoat.com,  Drawing Board:


(ProBoat.com is of course the website for WoodenBoat‘s sister publication, Professional BoatBuilder magazine.)

Some of Eduardo’s thinking is brilliant, such as:

“I knew the boat had to be simple and affordable to build with common materials. I wanted a project that anyone could build anywhere, without the need for boatbuilding experience. I designed a 10.2′ (3.1m) V-bottom boat that does not require a jig to begin construction. Instead, it is built around a central longitudinal structure on which the mast, daggerboard, and rudder mount. The rest of the boat is plywood/epoxy panel construction supported by some frames. For durability, I suggest sheathing the bottom and sides of the boat in a layer of fiberglass and epoxy.

To keep costs low and the build simple I specified just one thickness of plywood for all components. The boat requires just five sheets of ¼″ marine plywood, a bit of lumber, and epoxy. For positive flotation, I specified that 50 empty, sealed soda or water bottles be built in between the bottom of the hull and the cockpit sole. Forward are two watertight storage compartments, port and starboard. The prow is a rubber fender to cushion and protect the boat if it runs into an obstruction or another vessel.”

So, how much are plans, and how do I get them, you ask?

The answer is:  Go to www.proboat.com/proboat-drawing-board.  Read the article; the plans are FREE.  The caveat is that they are in Portuguese.

This looks like such a fun boat.

What do YOU think?

Thanks so much, Carl

(P.S.  I did also feature this boat in the enews blast I sent out last night.  That’s how much I like it.  I hope you’re on the enews list?  If not, go to WoodenBoat.com and sign up.  It’s free, and the sign up box is just to the right of Boats For Sale.)



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5 Responses to Optimaster 310 — For You?

  1. Joe Doyle says:

    That Opti 310 is a pretty cool boat. I was able to use Google Translate to get the page into English (use Safari as your browser, and it does it automatically). However, I was only able to find drawings for the cardboard model, and not the actual plans for the full size boat. If anyone can point me in that direction, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for sharing this one Carl.

  2. Carl Cramer says:

    You can use Chrome as your browser too — occasionally hilarious translating.

  3. Eduardo Marcondes says:

    The plans are in web site, even a file in autocad with full size parts.
    Any question, send me a e-mail archmarcondes@hotmail.com

  4. Gareth Hughes says:

    The boat Eduardo drew is a great boat.
    I don’t see much of the Optimist in it, just a stand alone nice boat.

    I think the John Welsford rendition is more Optimist like and will resonate with young people who feel that they have been relegated to a lesser boat.


  5. Eduardo Marcondes says:

    The plans are free – full size plans and model plans at:

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