Edoak Electric Skiff

Worth exploring:


(Photos courtesy Edoak Designs)

The designer and builder hails from Atlanta, Georgia.  An interesting looking boat and concept.

Sapele mahogany hull

LOA 16′

Beam 52″

Draft 14″

Weight 590 pounds

Top speed:  6 mph

Price with standard equipment (including two 24-volt 1,300 watt motors):  $19,000



I give the company extra credit:  Not once, on their entire website, do they mention that trite and over-abused marketing concept, “green.”  Instead, we find a refreshingly different approach, such as:

“We build electric boats one at a time, very slowly.  They really are not ‘custom boats’ since the owner is an opinionated old man who enjoys building nice boats exactly the way that he designed them.”

I applaud what Ed Duggan and his company are bringing to the market.  Those of you who enjoy quiet rides on a pond or lake might find the Edoak Electric Skiff ideal for your needs.


Please check it out, here:


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Thanks, Carl

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  1. marote31 says:

    hola desde uruguay le dejo mi comentario .
    es un hermoso barco saludos

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