I Love This Boat: Trika 540

Trika 540 (Photos courtesy Metzboats.de)

She’s the new trimaran/kayak from Metz Boats in Munich, Germany.

Check out this video:

She’s designed by Klaus Metz.

Trika 540 2 Her specs:

Main hull LOA:  5.4m
Ama length:  3.34m
Sailing weight:  70 kg

Plans (in the US):  $26, from Dudley Dix Yacht Design for study plans; $130 for building plans http://www.dixdesign.com/Trika_540.htm

Plans (ROTW):  20 Euros for study plans, 100 Euros for building plans http://www.metzboats.de/htm/designs/designs.htm Trika 3

What do you think?

Thanks, Carl

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2 Responses to I Love This Boat: Trika 540

  1. Peter Schulz says:

    I love it.
    I build kayaks but my favorite was a sailing canoe.
    Multihulls rock!
    I’d like to build one…..if I only had the $$$

  2. Dale Niemann says:

    I love this boat and concept.
    I would like to know if it is Gulf of Mexico capable or is it primarily a lake ie small waves boat?
    It appears there is not a kit for USA is this correct?

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