Flo-Mo’s Work

One of my favorite contributors to the WoodenBoat Forum is Flo-Mo.  Here is one example of his rendering work:

(All renderings courtesy Flo-Mo)

The design is John Welsford‘s new Nautilus.  It’s so new that you can’t read about it on John’s website.  But you can on the Forum, here:



Here’s another:

That’s a Boston Whitehall, from John Gardner’s Building Classic Small Craft.

And here is a model of one of Flo-Mo’s Three Sheet Boats, Superfly:

I love all his work.  He lives in south Vienna in Austria, and he is always patient when describing the build process of his models.

I encourage you to check out his other work on his website (http://flo-mo.weebly.com/index.html).

What do you think?  Please comment below.  Thanks, Carl


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  1. Brian Pearson, UK says:

    Thanks Carl for highlighting FLO-MO’s work. Not only rendering our new Nautilus, but working on helping to bring a S+T version of Hugh Horton’s Bufflehead and just now working on the super cool West Mersea Duck Punts. Terrific stuff.




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