Valkyrie Foiling Sailboat — What Is It?

Valkyrie+Nov.+15+2010_0013.jpg (320×240)

As a recent post on our friends Sailing Anarchy‘s website says, “Something about foilers attracts the truly eccentric, the totally obsessed, and occasionally, the clinically insane.  We’ll leave the evaluation of which camp the inventor of this thing falls into to you guys…but listen to the music in this video carefully for a clue.  It’s ostensibly a test bed for a foiling sailboat…”



What do YOU  think?  The best (most hilarious) suggestion posted below in the next week will win a free WoodenBoat hat.


A brief BARC update:  Check out the news video here:

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2 Responses to Valkyrie Foiling Sailboat — What Is It?

  1. rbgarr says:

    It reminds me of those bike trailers that parents trawl their kids in.

  2. Cory Lunn says:

    This designer must be insane! Oh wait, that’s me! Thank you for your article. I think it looks a bit like a space ship from Star Wars. By the way, Valkyrie now has sails. Pictures and video can be seen at my blog

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