A Tale of Two Hulls….

Well, better-said, A Tale of Two Boats’ Hulls.  Or A Tale of Three Hulls.

What do these two boats have in common?

The first, picked up last week from South Carolina, is a classic Moth, Mint design.  Hull LOA 11′; mast 16′ tall.  I’ve written about her and the classic Moth class fairly extensively here — you can search by “Moth” in the Search option to the right.  I should know the answer, but I suspect she was built with 1/8″ marine ply.  More on this below.


The second, picked up today from Florida, is a “classic” A-Cat.  Not wooden — most likely ‘glass, carbon, and foam.  (“Classic” because she’s not a foiling A-Cat.)  A catamaran, Ben Moon-design; 18′ LOA; mast 30′.


Two such dissimilar boats…  What could they possibly have in common?

One correct answer is that both the Moths and A-Cats are development classes — as long as they meet certain design and construction parameters, they can race with others in the class, without any ratings, boat-for-boat.  I love this most of all:  It gives designers freedom to test their ideas and designs.  Just on a personal note, for me this is more exciting than one-design racing, or handicapping by whichever flawed rating system is in place.

But that’s not the answer I was seeking.

I’ve also written recently about Cottrell Boatbuilders in Searsport (ME) and their commission to build two identical classic Moths to the Cottrells’ designs (again, use “Search” on the right).  Because their client doesn’t intend to enter them in any national events, just against each other, Moths’ minimum weight restrictions were waived, and the designers/builders opted for 1/4″ ply rather than 1/8″.  So, the hulls of both boats weighed in at 85 pounds rather than the 75-pound minimum.  This certainly makes for a stronger hull, albeit perhaps not one that would win at the national level.

Does this help as a hint?

And, no, it’s not that both classes have separate foiling classes.

I’ll ask Scot at the WoodenBoat Store to provide some swag:  Whoever comes up with the first correct answer to my original question gets some Scot-swag.

Too bad that both boats have arrived this late in the season.  I am off to IBEX next week.  By the time I get back, no doubt the local harbors will be frozen.  (Only a slight exaggeration.  Happy first day of fall.  It seems the coldish weather is a month early, or perhaps I forget every year?)

Some day I’ll write about my storage ideas for the winter…..  I have a great MWBotW lined up for you next week but not about that.

I’m looking forward to your submissions.  I do believe there’s only one correct answer.  But I encourage and look forward to your arguments in any case.

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Gareth and Htom — You’re both right.  But not right enough.


Thanks, Carl

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I Was Late Getting Back — MRS. JONES; 24′ Pete Culler Design

I knew what I was going to write about this week — a Pete Culler design for sale on Eric Dow’s lawn.

Mrs Jones 2Eric always has an interesting collection for sale.

But I was out of town — I went to Rockland (ME) to attend an incredible presentation by Christo.  What an amazing and charismatic person he is.  (More information here:  http://www.christojeanneclaude.net)

Eric doesn’t have any photos on his website, so I hurried to his shop yesterday.

Alas, he’d already sold MRS. JONES….

She’s a 24′ design mentioned in Culler’s Skiffs and Schooners book, p. 37.  ’though I squinted and Eric had a magnifying glass, we couldn’t determine the design name.

Mrs Jones

She was built — and commissioned by — Concordia in 1972.  I’m not sure if others were also built at that time.

She’s powered by a 70hp Suzuki.

I can’t tell you much more about her.  Perhaps you know details about this class?

And for those of you with incurable boat lust, perhaps I can interest you in this freighter canoe (bottom of the rack) at Eric’s shop?  She’s a steal — at $6K….

Freighter Canoe

(Sorry, the poor photos are my doing.)

Here’s Eric’s website:  www.dowboats.com.   Call him up for more information.

Thanks so much, Carl

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